Alan Shoesmith


Alan Shoesmith is a guitarist, composer, arranger, songwriter, recording artist and music educator.


Alan's interest in music began in the early 1970s. Throughout the 70s and 80s his passion for AM radio hits gradually evolved into an affinity for progressive rock, fusion jazz, classical and electronic music. 


After acquiring an acoustic guitar at Steve's Music store in Montreal, Alan began developing his music skills. It didn't take long for him to begin emulating and translating his musical interests into his own unique style. During these formative years his intrigue with sound recording also began to emerge. 


Throughout the 1980s Alan split his time between formal studies of the classical guitar, improvisation, songwriting, composing, sound exploration, recording and teaching private music lessons. It was during the summer of 1986 that Alan purchased his 4 track Tascam Portastudio.

Hundreds of recordings were made and shared on cassette tapes.


The 90s brought with it a full-time career as a music educator along with collecting various guitars and pieces of recording equipment. His studio gradually evolved from analog tape to fully digital. Many more recordings were made and these tracks, along with some of the early works, were made available for a little while on


And then, the dawn of the 21st century. Alan became part of a guitar quartet called Cedar & Spruce. This group played lots of live shows and they made 2 CDs together that are widely available online. 


Recently Alan has decided to devote his musical time primarily to his original work. He released a CD of all original music in April 2012 called Shoesmith, Chamberlain & Cardey and during the summer of 2016 a new solo album of instrumental music called Greenwood Fountain.


On January 6th 2017, Alan released an album of ambient & electronic recordings called Infinite Gravity.


Happy Listening !